# me

In general, from one perspective, professional Javascript applications analyst and developer, focusing on React ecosystem for years.

Areas of expertise include product design and improvement, advanced UI, real-time technologies such as WebSockets, and modern enterprise-grade web and mobile applications.

Knowledge and hands-on experiences in automated control systems, advanced networking and information security are also involved. As a number of open source developers, OS X as well as Ubuntu is my preferred development environment.

# features of the site

  • SSL/TLS connections supported, conforming to modern cryptography standards, A+ score acquired.
  • HTTP/2 preferred, crossing all related origins.
  • architecture, if we use the word, covering several cloud service providers including but not limited to Aliyun, Tencent cloud and Huawei cloud.
  • CDN applied to deliver parts of static assets.
  • backend mainly powered by wordpress, now slowly and gradually refactored to node.js
  • React introduced to take charge of certain components.

# changelog

Tip: the latest is at the bottom
– prism used to highlight code
– 3d rotation implemented in a piece of ad
– linear-gradient visual effect applied to block title’s background
– adoption of webp format replacing png reduced consumption of bandwidth dramatically
– tls protocols updated
– ipv6 ready for launch