Suggestion for Improving Network Security Group of Cloud Service

@{ AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, 阿里云, 腾讯云, 华为云 }


Changes to the rule set can only be done by adding and deleting. For example, if you enable the Mysql service, you need to add the 3306/tcp rule, and when disabling the Mysql service, you have to delete the 3306/tcp rule for security reason. This is very inconvenient for frequently enabling/disabling multiple services, such as when the business is at the stage of testing.

Suggestions for Improvement

It is recommended to add an “Activate/Deactivate” switch button after each rule and an “Enable/Disable” switch button in the batch operation options. Activating is equivalent to adding a rule, and deactivating is equivalent to deleting a rule.